Saluda River Club is proud to be located within the top-rated Lexington District One School System. Amazing schools and a focus on the next generation’s future make Saluda River Club proud to boast about the area schools. Browse below for short descriptions of each of the schools and click the links for more detailed information.

school The Lexington School District One is among the top in South Carolina, uses 21st century learning models and has amazing success with academic scholarships for graduates.
Learn more about Lexington County School District One
school Meadow Glen Elementary offers children a beautiful new school and a state of the art education. One of the newest additions to the district, Meadow Glen is taking learning to the next level.
Learn more about Meadow Glen Elementary School
school Meadow Glen Middle School is one of the newest additions to the Lexington One district. The school’s state of the art design and forward-thinking approach to learning have created a 21st century learning experience for students.
Learn more about Meadow Glen Middle School
school The newest addition to Lexington District One, River Bluff has set the bar high for new high schools. Making news even during its building process for the sustainable focus and unique “River Bluff Red” brick, the school continues to make a name for itself with innovative techniques and practices.
Learn more about River Bluff High School

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