River Bluff High School

Grades Nine – Twelve


Opened in August of 2013, this brand new high school is a state of the art, innovative and forward-thinking school. From the incredible design of the building and classrooms to the flexible modular scheduling and Centers for Advanced Study, River Bluff is a new kind of high school.

River Bluff is under the esteemed direction of Dr. Luke Clamp, Principal, Julie Painter, Academic Dean for Innovation and Assistant Principals Tara Black and Jacob Smith. With an incredible staff and an innovative “FlexMod” schedule, students are guaranteed a collaborative learning experience.

The home of the Gators offers gorgeous new athletic facilities and incredible school spirit. Join students in “The Swamp” for a one-of-a-kind high school football experience. The athletic department is a whole new standard to high school sports.

River Bluff originally made headlines for using existing soil from the school’s location to create the bricks for the exterior of the building. Known as “River Bluff Red” brick, the school continues to use sustainable resources and practices.

For more information on the new River Bluff High School, visitĀ their website. You can also learn more about the school on theirĀ Facebook page.

Interested in homes near River Bluff High School? Saluda River Club is only a short drive down Corley Mill Road from the school. Learn about our community, amenities and more on our site, or call (803)291-0921 to speak with a Saluda River Club representative.