The BurnworthsLonging for a neighborhood in a natural setting with outdoor activities and a true sense of community, Elizabeth and Craig Burnworth had frequently pondered where on earth that place could be and once discovered, when that dream would be realized. Little did they know the answer was in their own backyard. The revelation came the day Elizabeth and the children were invited to a picnic in Saluda River Club. After playing on the playground with the kids and strolling by the river, Elizabeth knew she had found it. From onsite running trails and kayaking to neighborhood events, great schools and access to Columbia, Saluda River Club had the lifestyle the Burnworths had envisioned.

“We were so warmly welcomed by everyone,” says Elizabeth.  “We were just blown away by the events and the opportunities.”  Little more than six months after first seeing the community, the Burnworths moved into their beautiful new home.  “I feel like Saluda River Club is going to be a very nurturing place for our family for many years to come.”

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