Move over Sunday dinner, brunch is about to take your place as the best meal for family get-togethers. At first you might wince at the idea of combining sippy cups and sangria glasses before noon. But trust us on this one, because brunch can keep a frazzled hostess relaxed and everyone smiling.

Here’s why brunch will soon be your favorite meal for hosting multi-generational celebrations.

  • Prep for relaxation.
    Many brunch favorites can be prepared the night before, such as breakfast casseroles and fruit salads. Doing the heavy lifting ahead of time leaves more time for mingling with guests, which makes everyone happier. It’s easy to keep many brunch favorites warm, leaving more flexibility for serving times. Brunch isn’t the meal to show off your fancy china, either. Keep it casual by dishing up brunch buffet-style.
  • Cleanup is more convenient.
    Let’s face it, cleanup after a dinner party means staying up late to get the job done or waking up to a mess in the morning. With brunch, you can start and finish your cleanup during the day and have your dishwasher turned over by bedtime.
  • Happier kids (and parents).
    Ever met a happy toddler at bedtime? We didn’t think so. Both lunch and dinner mealtimes can interrupt naps or bedtime, which can be a major stressor for kids and their parents. Brunch is a much better bet at avoiding conflicts with sleep schedules. Children are fresher in the morning and parents can still get them home in time for that afternoon nap. Some parents also report a “witching hour” between the 4-6 o’clock timeframe when toddler tantrums – and dinner plans – are common. Avoid this completely with an easy breezy morning brunch.
  • The perks of daytime driving.
    As we age, our night vision diminishes, and older relatives may not be comfortable driving after sunset to attend a late afternoon or evening dinner. Brunch puts travel times squarely during daylight hours, which might be a relief to older family members who may have difficulty navigating nighttime driving. With a little planning and vision, a brunch celebration can help ensure everyone who wants to attend can.
  • Brunch doesn’t have to break the bank.
    If you’re looking to keep your costs under control, think crowd-pleasing casseroles, eggs, pastries, and salads. Brunch can be as extravagant or as simple as you want, allowing for the meal to meet your budget. Get creative with a cereal or yogurt bar or stick to a more traditional menu. With brunch, flexibility is yours.

Are you ready to ditch dinner and make brunch your go-to meal for hosting family celebrations?

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