With the weather cooling down, now is a great time to think about getting outdoors for some exercise.  Here are 5 ways to get your fitness under the sun on the beautiful grounds of the Saluda River Club.

  • Outdoor Exercise Gym: Whether you love strength training or cardio, our outdoor exercise gym will help you get the workout you are looking for. Do some pull-ups on the bar, use the incline to improve your sit-ups, or test your balance on the beam. The variety of exercises available outside is just as large as what you can do in the gym. Plus, moving your exercise routine outside may give you a whole new perspective on fitness and inspire you to take up other outdoor sports, such as triathlons or bike riding.
  • Walking Trails: Put on your walking shoes and take to the trails that wind throughout our community. Walking has been shown to be great exercise and you can do it alone, with your family, or with your favorite pooch. We have miles of paved walking trails that will take you through various Saluda River Club neighborhoods, but if off-roading is more your style, check out our nature trail system—it’s world class hiking minutes from your front door. And with the trees changing colors and putting on their fall finery, your hike will be more beautiful than ever.
  • Chicawa Outdoor Center: While some think of fishing as a quiet activity, fly fishing involves casting your fly out into the river and that can build up your arm muscles. You’ll also need good balance, as well as a strong core and leg muscles for this sport. You can build all those muscles prior to heading out on the river at our well-equipped fitness center and then put them to good use as you spend a day fishing out in nature.
  • Community Garden: Go ahead and put some muscle into that gardening, digging up your final crop or just getting your plot ready for next year. Anyone who has ever grown veggies or flowers knows that gardening is more active than you might think. Spading, lifting, tilling, and raking can improve muscle tone and strength. You’ll use your back and arm muscles pulling weeds. Your leg muscles will be in use when you shovel dirt or dig a hole. Research has shown that even the less strenuous forms of gardening can burn off about 300 calories per hour, and since at the end of the activity you might have enough veggies for a healthy meal, gardening can contribute to your health in other ways as well.
  • Sand Volleyball Courts: You’ll need a few friends for this one, but over at our recreation area you’ll find our sand volleyball pit as well as a playground and dog park. Volleyball is a workout for your heart, lungs, and muscles, and playing it in sand adds an extra layer of athleticism to the sport.

These are just a few suggestions for shaking up your fitness routine, but there are so many ways to take your workout outside here at Saluda River Club. We look forward to seeing many friends and neighbors out and about getting their steps in during this most refreshing and colorful time of the year.

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