Beat the heat this summer with a backyard BBQ. With the 4th of July fast approaching, now is the perfect time to perfect your BBQ and cookout skills. Backyard BBQs are the perfect summer social event to catch up with friends and family or test out some new recipes. If the idea of hosting a BBQ seems too daunting, or you consider yourself a novice in such a subject, propose a potluck. That way you can try out new foods and perhaps even find a few new favorite dishes to try whipping up yourself next time. For a potluck, you can either provide the meat for grilling and have guests bring side dishes, desserts and drinks, or have everyone bring their own meat and you provide several large side dishes for everyone to share.

Themed potlucks are also a good idea, as you can focus on a certain type of ethnic cuisine and introduce your guests to food they may have not otherwise tried. A make your own taco/burrito bar or make your own ice cream sundae station are both interactive, fun and allow everyone, both kids and adults, to get creative. Or you can always end the evening roasting marshmallows over one of Saluda River Club’s many fire pits. Also be sure to check out the recipes on our Resources page, for some delicious potluck dishes!!

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