Sunday 11/19 Men’s Christmas Book Club at the Village Club 7:30pm
What: 2 Group Discussions of “Hidden Christmas”-a Great book by Tim Keller pointing to some often overlooked aspects of Christ’s Birth that shine a light on The Gospel.  If you haven’t read any of Tim’s writing…you’re missing out.

When: November 19- 7:30PM (Discuss Chapter 1-4) & December 17- 7:30 PM (chapter 5-8) 2 Sundays

Open to all. –  Invite any interested friends.

Go ahead and purchase a book…about $10-15. Available on Amazon and other outlets  (read ahead to be able to discuss)

For each Chapter write down something that you learned, thought was interesting or a question for discussion.  Led by: Daniel Dunbar, but this will be an open discussion.

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