To: All residents with property abutting an alley on SRC.
The Architectural Review Committee, as the only standing resident committee currently active in SRC, has been asked to investigate the alley situation within SRC.  Although it is slightly out of our original mandate, the committee has agreed to assist.
The ARC is seeking your input into the use of the alleys and any possible problems you may have encountered.  We are also looking to receive your suggestions to improve the functionality of each of the 9 alleys.
Some suggestions to date include:
1. Renaming Newport Hill Lane by the playground an alley name.
2. 5 mph signage.
3. Speed bumps.
4. No thoroughfare postings.
5. Children playing signage, etc.
Bear in mind that the alleys are owned by the SRCHOA, and are not county roads, meaning that the HOA can take almost any steps it deems necessary to protect the property owners within SRC.  Likewise, we must take in to account the need for access by sanitation trucks, fire and ambulance emergency vehicles, town inspectors and county vehicles.
Please send your comments to Skip Mann at    
Please respond by March 7, 2018 to allow the ARC time to evaluate your input.
Thank you for your time.
Mike Burkhold, Chairman

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