Vacation or stay-cation?

For homeowners at the Saluda River Club, living in the award-winning residential community is almost like being on vacation all the time.

During the long South Carolina summer, the pools at both the Chickawa Outdoor Center as well as the Village Clubhouse (for adults only) are a major draw for Saluda River Club residents and their friends. The community hosts a number of special pool parties during the summer, and where better to swim your daily laps than (almost) right in your own backyard?

Chickawa Outdoor Center

The beautiful Chickawa Outdoor Center is the heart of Saluda River Club’s River District, one of the three distinct neighborhoods in Saluda River Club. Here, residents can enjoy the large, stunning riverfront clubhouse, great for birthday parties and spur-of-the-moment get-togethers, and its generous deck in the back overlooking the riverfront – perfect for sipping a cool drink on a warm night. There’s even an elevated fire pit where residents often gather to swap stories and watch fireflies.

At the Chickawa Outdoor Center, trained outfitters are available to help you select a kayak or canoe to venture out on the Saluda River flowing past the Saluda River Club, or even help you and your friends plan a fly-fishing excursion.

village-club-thumbThe Village Clubhouse, centrally located in Saluda River Club’s Village District, is a geared especially toward residents over 21. It is a social and recreational hub for the community, with its popular lounge and well-appointed exercise facility – where every week, residents are able to take a variety of fitness classes, including yoga and cardio work-outs.

To learn more about these and other fabulous amenities at Saluda River Club, please schedule a visit soon. For more information or directions, please call 803-358-3969 or visit

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