Fresh produce from Brown Box Veggies at Saluda River Club

“Having an affordable service that allows folks to purchase fresh produce, being able to buy as much as we can find from local farmers, and teaching families good eating habits is what Brown Box Veggies is all about.”

This September, Brown Box Veggies will start regular, bi-weekly (first and third Saturday of the month) deliveries of fresh vegetables and fruit to Saluda River Club.

Residents of the award-winning master-planned community can order a box of fresh fruit and produce any time prior to the next delivery to the Village Club (or the Fitness Center if there is an event taking place at the Village Club) @ $27 per box. There are no membership fees or long-term commitments. For more information, visit:

What is Brown Box Veggies:

Brown Box Veggies is a fresh fruit and vegetable service that allow families to purchase seasonal, local and even organic produce. This is an awesome choice for families who make good nutrition an important part of their lifestyle and make time to cook healthy meals.

Fresh produce from Brown Box Veggies at Saluda River ClubBrown Box Veggies has built close relationships with various South Carolina farmers and local distributors, and its goal is to fill the brown boxes with as much local produce as possible. However, as noted on the website: “… we cannot provide this service year-round without going out of state through our local produce distributors on occasion. Many of our SC farmers grow produce year-round though so we try to get as much as we can from our SC farms.”

Each box is $27 and will contain a great mix of produce. Begin each weekend by opening a box of nutritious produce for you and your family!

To learn more about living at Saluda River Club or to schedule a private golf cart tour, please call 803-358-3969 or visit

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