At Saluda River Club, the community is your gym. Equipped with walking and jogging trails, parks, a kayaking outfit center, gym and two pools, Saluda River Club eliminates the need to pay for a monthly gym membership – not only saving you money but also mileage. There’s no need to drive to the gym, when you have one in your own backyard.

Saluda River Club is host to miles of walking and jogging trails, including the scenic river walk trail which weaves along the banks of the Saluda River. Located along the trail are Fit-Trail stations, which contain apparatuses that promote strength training, thereby combining cardio and strength training into one routine and giving you a full body workout that will burn calories and build muscle. Or you can work up a sweat and enjoy the scenery while engaging in a game of beach volleyball, bocce ball or just join the kids on the jungle gym and get a workout without realizing it.

If an indoor workout is more your style, the Village Clubhouse at Saluda River Club has its own fitness center that residents can take advantage of. In the fitness center you can find state-of-the-art cardio and strength training equipment, including stationary machines and free weights. Housed in the fitness center are also several wide screen televisions so you can watch the news as you watch the calories melt away.

So whether you are a fitness pro or a beginner, Saluda River Club has all the options for you to create your own workout routine right in your own backyard. Try the trails on Tuesday, volleyball on Wednesday or go for a swim on Saturday, it’s your choice!

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