Located in Lexington, Saluda River Club is just minutes from downtown Columbia. The beautiful, culture-rich city is the home to several nationally recognized venues and shows. We are lucky to be so close to such a celebrated city as pointed out in a recent article named “Chernoff: If Only I Lived in Charleston, or Greenville” featured in The State.

Written by Marvin Chernoff, a retired advertising and public relations executive in Columbia, the article explains that if Chernoff lived in Charleston or Greenville that he would be very happy because he would only be two hours away from Columbia. He goes on to describe the amazing amenities of Columbia such as the Columbia Museum of Art, the Columbia City Ballet, international festivals, the friendly, outgoing people and much more. The article reminds us of how much we have access to in the great city of Columbia.

To read the entire article on TheState.com, click here.

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