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Perrine Hernandez hasn’t lived near her sister Angelica Falato since she left home for college at age 18. Today, the women, both empty nesters, are neighbors at Saluda River Club and they couldn’t be more excited.

“Angelica and her husband Al live two doors down from our townhome. We do so many activities together. We’re having a great time,” says Perrine.

When Rick retired in 2011 the couple left a large home in New York and moved south. At the time, Perrine’s mom, who has since passed, was living in Irmo. “Whenever I’d visit Mom and we’d drive pass Corley Mill Road she’d say to me, ‘Some day you’re going to live there. And that’s exactly what happened.’”

Perrine assumed she and Rick would end up in Irmo, but when they saw Saluda River Club, the search was over. “It was just perfect. With all the amenities it feels like we’re on vacation!”

They’ve also fallen in love with right-sized Columbia. “We have more fun in town than we did in New York City,” she adds.

Angelica and Al have been impressed by the sense of community at Saluda River Club. “I love the fact that wherever you go, people are out talking to one another,” says Angelica. “No matter what kind of day I’ve had, my heart lifts as soon as I drive into the neighborhood!”

From kayaking to the walking trails, clubhouse and their easy-living townhomes, both couples have found everything they were looking for at Saluda River Club. Enjoying it together is icing on the cake!
– Perrine & Rick

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