Wednesdays starting March 6th

Men’s Bible Study
at the Village Club from 6:30-8:00pm

Eldon Armstrong and Mike Burkhold will be starting a Men’s Bible Study on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00pm starting on March 6th at the Village Club.  An introductory session will be held on the first night to discuss the direction the group would like to follow.  Options are to study a book of the Bible; a study of a particular subject such as Jesus, the Holy Spirit, discipleship, etc; Christian living/witnessing; Bible history/chronology; theology; or a subject the group chooses to discuss.

Eldon and Mike want this Bible study to be for all levels of Christians and specifically for anyone who wants to learn, no matter his knowledge base or spiritual situation.  New Christians and searchers are especially welcome.  This will be non denominational in format with special attention paid to differences in theology, if necessary.

The classes will be as intense as the class desires.  The goal is to grow in Christ.

If interested, please contact either Eldon or Mike, or just show up.

Eldon Armstrong 803-530-0298 or
Mike Burkhold 803-622-7428 or

The intent is to spread the Word of God to all.

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