river-bluffWhen looking for a new home for their young or growing family, parents often decide to purchase based on the quality and proximity of neighborhood schools.

Saluda River Club homeowners with school-aged children are especially impressed with the new River Bluff High School that opened in August 2013, only a few miles down the street from Saluda River Club, on Corley Mill Road / 320 State Road S-32-68 in Lexington (SC).

River Bluff High School, part of Lexington School District One, was designed to be a high school of the future, and cost $138.9 million to build. Instruction focuses on digital approaches and requires hands-on involvement by both teachers and students, and RBHS offers a variety of advanced classes, especially in the areas of multimedia arts and environmental law.

The school building itself, one of the largest in South Carolina at 540,000 sq. ft., was constructed with lots of windows, both for aesthetic reasons as well as to reduce the cost of lighting. Since all students (currently some 1,500 are enrolled in grades 9 – 12) receive their study materials online, rather than through textbooks, the school does not have any lockers.

For current and potential homeowners at Saluda River Club, the new high school is a welcome addition to the area.

The school is run by Dr. Luke Clamp, Principal and his leadership team, including Julie Painter, Academic Dean for Innovation, Tara Black, Assistant Principal, Jacob Smith, Assistant Principal, and Brant Glover, Assistant Administrator.

RBHS is fed by Meadow Glen Elementary, Lexington Elementary, Midway Elementary, New Providence Elementary and Oak Grove Elementary schools, and is expected to grow to approximately 2,500 students in a number of years.

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