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Gayle Gilson had no intention of leaving the lovely Lexington townhome she purchased in 1990. “But I discovered Saluda River Club while I was taking a ride around the area a couple of years ago.” She admired the setting and the large, estate homes.

“What I didn’t realize is that there were plans to build a group of smaller cottages. Once I learned that I thought, ‘Hmm, I just might be interested.’”

Sales associate Ted Johnson led Gayle on a tour, which convinced her Saluda River Club was where she wanted to be. Seeing the furnished model cottage helped confirm the advantages of a master bedroom on the first level.

She loved the idea that neither she, nor her beloved dog Gilly would have to deal with stairs on a daily basis.

“Ted helped find me the right realtors and mortgage people, and before I knew it I was qualified!”

When she met with the designers about customizing her cottage, Gayle said she wanted hers exactly like the model. The only change she requested was to make the first-floor office into another extra bedroom for her grandson, who loves coming to visit.

A big plus was having her own lawn – fully maintained but with plenty of space for gardening, which she loves.

Gayle’s cottage has become her castle. Her home is beautiful and neighbors – at all ages and stages of life – are fun and friendly.

Whether she’s out walking Gilly or attending Yoga or Pilates class at the fitness center, Gayle’s found “a real community” at Saluda River Club.
– Gayle


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