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“When we first visited Saluda River Club we thought the neighborhood was interesting but we put it on the back burner and kept looking,” recalls Garrick Messer.

One of the homes he and his wife Jill saw was a spacious four-bedroom on the river that was under construction. The couple, then parents of toddlers Isabel and Caroline, didn’t think they had time to get involved in building a home. Garrick is an emergency physician and at the time, Jill was a nurse practitioner but is now a busy-at-home mom.

Over the next several months the Messers found themselves returning several times to Saluda River Club. Garrick recalls, “At this point that four-bedroom was nearly completed and we could see it had a playroom over the garage and space that could be converted into another bedroom.”

They decided to purchase the home and moved in during the summer of 2011.

Saluda River Club has proven a great choice for the Messers, whose family has now grown to inclue twins Anna Grace and Caitlyn.

“I love the sidewalks, playgrounds, pools and the family-friendly activities including summer day camp,” says Jill. “We have a neighborhood that we feel will grow with us as our children grow.” She’s participated in Bible study and she and Garrick found time to take a cooking class together.

Garrick has an easy commute to work in Columbia and the older girls are enjoying Pre-K at St. Stephen’s Lutheran Church, close to Saluda River Club. The Messers are excited to take advantage of the new elementary school in the highly rated Lexington 1 school district.

Sometimes it takes a little while to figure out what you really want. But once you do it’s a great feeling to know you got it right.

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