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“I’m Really Content Here”

After her husband passed away, longtime Lexington resident Fredda Thomson decided to make Edisto Beach her permanent residence. Although her adult children didn’t like the idea of her being so far away, Fredda had met her husband in the Low Country and had always wanted to return to the area.

“I loved the serenity at the beach but as a single person I did feel isolated there,” she recalls. Finally in 2013 Fredda told her daughter, who lives in Lexington, that if she could find somewhere closer to Columbia that was near water and had a relaxed feeling, she’d consider coming back.

“When I mentioned Saluda River Club to my daughter, she said it was her absolute favorite neighborhood in the area!”

Fredda decided to go for it and worked with Andrew White of Edge City Builders to construct a single-story, three-bedroom home in The Woodlands District. “I’d never built before but the process went smoothly,” she says. While the riverfront home and community were beautiful, Fredda still wasn’t certain she’d found exactly what she was looking for.

Fredda loves Saluda

Within days of her March 2014 move, Fredda knew she’d hit the lifestyle jackpot.

“I’m as happy as a bug in a rug at Saluda River Club,” she says. Fredda is making lasting friendships with neighboring families and with several single women homeowners on her street. “We have so much in common. We walk, attend social gatherings, cookouts — whatever’s going on.” She has attended yoga class and enjoys working out at the fitness center.

The Lexington, South Carolina real estate location is pretty much perfect. Fredda sees her two grandchildren often and loves attending their school and sporting events. “My grandson goes to the new River Bluff High School. I clocked it and it’s one mile from my house!” Fredda is also minutes from her son who lives in nearby Northeast Columbia.

“I love it,” Fredda says with conviction. “Saluda River Club is beautiful and they’ve made the grounds so lovely. I can’t say enough about Andy, Debbie and Andrew White and everyone I’ve worked with. I’m really content here.”
– Fredda


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