Even though many homebuyers, in particular first-time buyers and young families, continue to think that, just like their parents and grandparents did, they have to save enough money to put down at least 20% when purchasing a home, today, the threshold to owning a home does not need to be that high.

“With good credit and a steady income, excellent home loans are available with zero, 5 or 10% down. It may be possible to move into a home in Saluda River Club much quicker than you’d expect!” notes Andy White, developer of Saluda River Club. “There are many solid, innovative tools and financial options available to today’s homebuyer. Saluda River Club’s sales team is standing by to answer questions and guide buyers to the home and mortgage plan that works best for them.”

The entrenched belief about large down payments was illustrated in this recent article in Builder.com: Consumers Still Fuzzy on Down Payment Options.

Consumers still appear to be unaware of low-down-payment mortgage options when purchasing a home, according to the National Association of Realtors’ new Homeownership Opportunities and Market Experience (HOME) Survey for the third quarter of 2016. […]  

Respondent awareness of low-down-payment mortgage options was minimal across all income and education brackets, too, as the majority of respondents still consider a down payment higher than 15% is a must.”

Andy notes: “I encourage interested buyers to sit down with our preferred lending partner or our sales professionals, who will be happy to take the mystery out of owning a beautiful brand new home in America’s Best Community, in Lexington’s award-winning School District One. We want buyers to investigate the variety of down payment options and financial tools available to qualified buyers today, including programs designed specifically for physicians and other professionals.”

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