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“You won’t find a better place for dogs and families than Saluda River Club,” says David Moore. And it’s pretty wonderful for the adults as well, he adds with a smile.

David, his wife Betsy and daughters Kathryn (12) and Sara Beth (15) moved in February 2012 when David, a banker, was transferred. They bought a five-bedroom home in the River District. The Low-Country styling is charming and familiar to the couple, who have lived in Aiken and Hilton Head, South Carolina.

There’s so much they love about the community, like the dog park, kids’ activities, fire pits, the gym and out-your-door hiking trails. David’s commute to work is just 15 minutes and Betsy is even closer to her job at the local middle school. The girls have made lots of friends and can walk to their homes to hang out.

“The community is designed to bring everybody together,” says David. “We see people everywhere we go, to an event or just out walking the dogs. We’re in our early 40s and we’ve made friends who are in their 20s, and others who are in their 60s.”

Last summer, Betsy and David got a chance to see just how amazing the community really is. An extended vacation with other family members had to be cancelled due to last minute circumstances.

Instead, everyone came to the Moores’ house and settled in. Kayaking, fishing, swimming and a trip to the zoo made it the perfect “staycation.”

“Saluda River Club is a real front-porch community and it’s just a fantastic place to raise a family,” David adds. We’re here to stay!

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