Saluda River Club congratulates these top real estate agents and brokers who have met their 2014 sales target at Saluda River Club. All are invited to join Andy White, the developer of Saluda River Club and other members of his management team on a week-long cruise aboard the Royal Caribbean’s masterpiece of naval engineering, the Independence of the Seas, February 8-14, 2015.

Kara Powell, Director of Business Development, notes happily that in 2014, 30 Midlands area real estate agents earned this outstanding incentive: a weeklong cruise for two. Congratulations to all!

2014 cruise ship by night

  • Kay Johnston
  • Winston Velpula
  • Phil Gibson;
  • Pete Korper
  • Jane Lafferty
  • Bobby Curtis
  • Danny and Karen;Hood
  • Chad Jones
  • Troy Ott
  • Phil Carter
  • Jennifer Harding
  • Len Ross
  • Rachel Bedenbaugh
  • Welby Fowler
  • Mary Lane Sloan
  • Mary Ann Cross
  • Shelley Metropol
  • Karen Chandler
  • Lisa Sills
  • Lee Hardman;;;
  • Jason Compton
  • Lauren Gilstrap;
  • Renay Stewart
  • Craig Winesett
  • John Boozer
  • Terence Smith
  • Jill Moylan
  • Brenda Hanna
  • Rawlings LaMotte
  • Lisa Harris

“Our cruise incentive program for real estate professionals is very popular, and as most know, homes and sites at Saluda River Club really sell themselves,” says Kara. “This is our 5th year for the cruise incentive. And yes, we will continue this program in 2015 as well!”

For directions to or more information about Saluda River Club, call 803-358-3969 or visit

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