According to the  report on America’s Best Bang-for-the-buck Cities, solid housing markets, relatively stable employment, enviable cost of living and quick commutes are the key features of the country’s most affordable and desirable places to live.  Buyers are also looking for places with natural amenities and protection from future commercial growth.

Columbia, South Carolina ranked number 12 out of the 100 cities studied.

Saluda River Club’s unique river amenities and the variety of home styles and prices give Columbia area buyers superior value and a great location.

Forbes looked at the country’s 100 largest Metropolitan Statistical Areas — geographic entities defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget.  Included in the measures were: home prices; unemployment rates; a three-year job-growth forecast; a three-year home-price forecast; housing affordability; median real estate taxes; and median travel time to work.

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