The Central Carolina Realtors Association’s (CCRA) annual spring social, the Patriot’s Picnic, was a huge success! Held at Saluda River Club’s Chickawa Outdoor Center on Thursday, June 14th, Realtors and their guests enjoyed drinks, food and great company at the event.

All in attendance enjoyed the picnic’s Independence Day theme and laid-back atmosphere. Mingling and enjoying fresh watermelon, guests relaxed in the great room and chatted on the deck. It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather.

We hope that everyone enjoyed the Patriot’s Picnic! We are honored that the CCRA chose our Chickawa Outdoor Center to host the event. It was a wonderful day!

For information on Saluda River Club, visit our website or call 803-358-3969. Make the smart move to Saluda River Club.

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