The new year is a time for making new promises to change old habits. We set goals to energize our bodies, better our diets, gain friendships, or have more family fun. At Saluda River Club, there are numerous opportunities to make 2019 an outstanding year! Our fitness center is ready to put your body to the test, while our Clubhouse is the perfect place to mingle and make new friends. You can find fresh veggies and herbs in our community gardens for your cleaned-up diet and family fun is a breeze at our pool, playground, and parks. But what about a resolution that goes beyond personal growth to benefits future generations? What about a resolution to the river?

At Saluda River Club, we know how much you treasure the great outdoors and the refreshing landscape you have the pleasure of calling home. Part of the beauty of our community is its promise to keep the natural resources plentiful and pristine. This year add a resolution to your list and pledge to do right by your river. Here are seven simple ways you can keep the Saluda River clean in 2019:

  1. If you see litter, don’t let it linger! Pick up any trash you may see outside and dispose of it. Wind can carry debris to the river where it may not organically break down.
  2. Read all labels and dispose of household chemicals and medicines properly.
  3. Keep your vehicles free of leaks; these fluids can be washed away by rain and end up in the river.
  4. Use organic lawn and garden products. When heavy fertilizers and pesticides make their way to the water, huge doses of nitrogen are released causing algae to grow abnormally. This disrupts the natural balance of the water and its inhabitants.
  5. Consider native plants when making a garden or having your yard landscaped. Native plants grow well in the local soil and require less fertilizer.
  6. Make sure you clean up pet waste – it contains bacteria that upsets the water’s chemistry
  7. Continue your efforts to renew, reduce, reuse and recycle. In the big picture, the less trash you create the better shape our river will be in!

As we turn the calendar page to a clean slate, we anticipate the goodness these next twelve months can bring. Robust health, new found friends, and family adventures are right around the corner. And the river can take you there, so long as we continue to resolve to protect it.

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