A message from Gilbert & Sheppard Group, advertising agency for Saluda River Club:

Bill Barley has been the photographer for Saluda River Club since its opening in 2008. We recently tasked him with picking the best post-storm day(s) for capturing shots of SRC’s landscape, streetscapes and amenities. He is the best photographer we have ever worked with and he sincerely loves Saluda River Club. He knows every angle of sunlight at every time of day for every shot we’ve requested. We have included a link to his website below if you are interested in learning more about his firm.

He is not assigned to photograph people and if any people are inadvertently present in the photos, we will either omit those shots or we will remove those likenesses from the image.

Like the rest of us, Bill is a bit older now. He’s not physically able to walk the entire community as he once did, so he does take photos from his vehicle. He drives a silver Town & Country van with South Carolina tag 1003LS.

Bill will be returning later this week, either very early in the morning or around sunset for additional shots.

Thank You,

Gilbert & Sheppard Group


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