When the temperatures dip, the chill can dampen our spirits and leave us longing for summer swims and outdoor barbecues. Instead of wishing winter away, learn to embrace it like the Danish do. They even have a name for it: Hygge. Loosely translated, it’s a feeling of being cozy and enjoying the good things in life. Winters are relatively mild in this part of South Carolina, but in the midst of a cold snap, here are some tips to create that cozy feeling right here at Saluda River Club.

Warm Up Fireside
Whether indoors or out, a crackling fire warms our spirits. Year-round, residents can enjoy the glow of our outdoor neighborhood fire pits, stocked with seasoned firewood courtesy of our grounds crew. Snuggled under knit hats and down jackets, meet up with neighbors to share s’mores, unwind, and catch up.

Gather Your Friends
Intentional gatherings bring together laughter, friendship, and sharing, and help make the most of what can be a gloomy season. When darkness falls early, chat with friends over steamy mugs of tea or hot toddies. Our close-knit community offers ample ways to connect throughout the entire year. Join neighbors in one of Saluda River Club’s organized activities for residents such as bunco, book club, or bridge.

Light Up Your Life
Cut the harsh overhead lights, and carry on by the glow of candles. Host a candlelit dinner party with your favorite Southern comfort foods and cocktails. Or, transform your bathroom to a spa-like experience by soaking by the warm glow of candles. Twinkle lights around an outdoor fire pit or seating area can also create an inviting escape. Indoors, soft orbs of light can be strung around window frames and doorways, or placed on top of a mantle.

Get Cozy at the Clubhouse
Residents embrace our Village Clubhouse’s inviting vibe. Designed for mingling and socializing, comfy couches and ample seating provide places to relax and catch up with neighbors. After a long day, stop by the lounge for a drink with friends. Wood accents and warm tones summon community members and create a welcoming spot to meet. And best of all, you can escape the cold and socialize with friends – all without the hassle of entertaining at home.

Explore Your Woodsy Wonderland
Embracing winter isn’t all about hunkering down inside. Lift your spirits by throwing on your mittens and thick-knit scarves and head into the great outdoors. Walk quietly through our wooded walking trails and wander alongside the Saluda River looking for signs of wildlife. Watch as trees form long shadows in the afternoon sunlight and linger long enough to take in a stunning sunset only winter can bring. Head home to shake off your boots, and sink into your fireside couch with a hot mug and magazine in hand.

Soon enough, the river will be filled with kayaks and the community garden will be blooming. But until then, cherish the coziness of winter and live the good life every day.

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