Neighbors in Saluda River Club drive their golf carts to community events.

The swim bags are loaded, and you’re zipping to the pool. Not in your car, but in the family golf cart. Experiencing a golf cart community for the first time is an eye-opening experience. These tiny vehicles provide an easy way to get around, offering convenience and fun.

Many communities, like Saluda River Club, embrace the golf cart lifestyle. If you’re moving to a community that allows golf carts as an alternative mode of transportation, here’s what you need to know.

  1. Know the rules of the road. Often, golf carts need to be registered, even within communities that allow them. In Saluda River Club, golf carts must be registered both with the Property Owners Association and with the SCDMV. Often there is a minimum age to drive a golf cart and proof of insurance may be needed. You should also know where you go with your new wheels. Understand local laws and rules about where you can drive your golf cart.
  2. There are major perks. Saluda River Club resident Josh is often on call with his job, and loves fly fishing by the river. His golf cart helps him manage both. “I can load up the golf cart and go down to the river to fish, and if I get a call, I can pack it up and be in the hospital in time for surgery,” he says. One major perk of living in a golf cart community is the convenience. Whether you are heading to the fitness center, riverfront, or clubhouse, you’re still only minutes away from home.
  3. It drives the community. The golf cart lifestyle is all about meeting up with friends. Neighbors love it because they can zoom across the neighborhood to visit with friends. At Saluda River Club, residents often drive to events in their golf cart, helping to keep people connected and active within the community.
  4. It’s really fun. For Saluda River Club residents David and Leslie, a favorite family activity is riding in their golf cart to the River District. Neighbors also take part in golf cart parades and decorated vehicles for special events. Others opt to personalize their ride with golf carts that resemble real cars or that have bright colors.

At Saluda River Club, the golf cart lifestyle is so popular, many of homes come with a golf cart garage. No matter where you plan to go in the community, your golf cart will get you there.

Interested in learning more about living at Saluda River Club? We’ll give you a guided tour in – you guessed it – a golf cart.

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