White kitchen counters in a River District Home at Saluda River Club Community.

Yellow accents pop against this natural granite countertop in this custom River District home.










At Saluda River Club, a new year rings in resolutions and new beginnings, but it can also bring fresh paint palettes and the latest styles when it comes to decorating your home. Lisa Giles, Design Director at Haven Design Works in Suwanee, Georgia, shares her thoughts on some of 2018’s popular home trends.

Brass is Boss

From bathroom faucets to light fixtures, brasses, golds, and even coppers are making a comeback. “Adding brass and gold is definitely the hottest new trend,” said Lisa Giles, Design Director at Haven Design Works in Suwanee, Georgia. These metals are shying away from their shinier selves that appeared in the 1980s, and taking on a more muted, subtle tone in 2018. Ready to deck out your house in gold? Not so fast! Start small. “Swapping out your cabinet hardware for an aged brass pull is an easy way to update your look,” suggests Lisa. And in case you were wondering, it’s perfectly fine to mix your metals, says Lisa. So you can experiment by switching out your light fixture without replacing everything in your home.

The Future’s so Bright

When Pantone® named their deep Ultra Violet as the 2018 color of the year, it foreshadowed the shift to brighter colors in homes as well. “Soft neutral backgrounds will still reign because they provide a break and a calm refuge from our busy​, technology filled lives,” said Lisa. But this year, expect to see vibrant pops of red, yellow, and blue. “The bolder colors are used primarily in smaller accents, painting a powder room black, red accent pillows or drapery panels, teal pillows,” said Lisa. Choosing colors to match your personality can help bring a friendly energy to your home.

A Natural Fit

Timeless and versatile, natural materials add an organic element to contemporary living spaces. “Natural products can provide warmth, contrast and pattern over man made products,” explained Lisa. But materials like granite and marble are also praised for their strength and durability. When adding natural materials, think beyond the countertop. Shells, marble candle holders, and slate coasters can ground a room as well.

Forward-facing Front Porches

Decks and patios have been the darlings of outdoor entertaining, but this is the year to shift the focus to the front of the house. Saluda River Club already celebrates a friendly front-porch vibe, and adding a bistro table or outdoor couch can create an intimate gathering space. Using texture and color can also enhance your entrance, said Lisa. “Add throw pillows to the chairs or swing. Add greenery or colorful flowers.​  A unique, welcoming doormat. Update outdoor light fixtures,” she suggests. This helps create a casual, welcoming spot for neighbors to sip wine and swap stories for hours.

Whether you are already settled in to your home at Saluda River Club or are in the process of selecting your finishes for your dream home, these 2018 trend tips can help you make your house a home.

Just started looking? Saluda River Club offers a variety of home styles with exquisite craftsmanship and luxury finishes to match your lifestyle. Learn more about our homes and all our close-knit community offers.

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