February is American Heart Month, a perfect time to think about how you can live a healthier, happier life. Living in a planned community, where activities and amenities are designed to cultivate neighborhood gatherings, can have benefits beyond your social life. A well-designed community, with easy access to activities, can also help promote your overall health and well-being.

Here are three ways to take full advantage of the amazing amenities that may be right in your backyard. Trust us, your heart will thank you for it.

  • Get Your Steps in on the Trail
    Many communities offer access to walking trails through some of the most scenic areas of the neighborhood. Many of these provide a sure-footed way to get in some steps, thanks to even sidewalks, ramps, and paved or well-maintained trails. At Saluda River Club, a brisk walk on the trail system can help maintain a healthy weight, and may even prevent or help manage health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure or Type 2 diabetes. Bonus: Walking may even put a smile on your face since it can improve mood.
  • Explore a Haven of New Hobbies
    From kayaking to gardening, a community like Saluda River Club is planned around natural opportunities for activity. For new residents, the waterfront provides an easy way to explore kayaking or other water-oriented activities on the river. Or try out your green thumb at the community garden. Along with the benefits of squatting and stretching, gardening can decrease your stress levels, which is another great way to show your heart some love. And at the end of the season, you can enjoy all the healthy fruits – or vegetables – of your labor.
  • Activity is Better Together
    With neighbors nearby, it’s easy to meet up for a swim or pick-up game of volleyball. Studies show that exercising with a friend may have its advantages. It can help maintain motivation, especially when your partner is supportive. Participants are also less likely to drop out of a group class if they attend with a friend. Science also indicates sweating with your main squeeze may have its own unique benefits, like increased attraction and a stronger relationship. Go ahead, let your heart thump away.

With the right neighborhood, both your heart and soul can thrive. If you’re looking for a new community you can call home, consider a visit to the riverfront Saluda River Club. Here, you’ll meet neighbors living the good life every day, and easily working activity into their daily routine. Join us for a Discovery Visit, and you can experience the peaceful beauty, trails, and natural amenities our community offers.

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